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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why the Long Hair and Beard

The "vow" not to shave and not to have my haircut started as a political statement during the Marcosian days. Aside from vowing not to write for any paper (remember I was editor of Peoples' Courier and WPC's Westernian Advocate when ML descended quite unexpectedly, I decided to sport long-hair and beard during the duration of Lent.
However, I must admit that even as a kid, I hate haircut! Then the Beatles influenced me a lot during my adolescent years. I recall one incident that my father would offer me a bottle of orange if only to convince me to have a haircut. He was my barber. I shiver at the contact of that pair of scissors on my head. Of course, my father would have his way.

When I was in college, after graduating from the dreaded ROTC course, I had my long hair. However, during those days that we did not hear of "straightening" or "rebonding" or "relax", I hated my long hair curling. When I was at UST Central Seminary, my gosh, that's where I had my heyday with long hair.

When I went on vacation to Sydney, as it was winter, I had my hair long. In fact, I was "inspired" to see many clerics in Australia with long hair and beard. The Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney, His Eminence George Cardinal Pell, did not object to my long hair and beard when I concelebrated with him at St. Mary's Cathedral.

But know what? the longest hair I sported was during this year 2006. I really had it long for our R&R (Re-union and Re-juvenation) last February 17-19 and then Lent came.

And know what also? I take note of the cost of razor blades that would been bought had I shaved for the time of Lent. Why? That amount I would make as my "Alay Kapwa" share... since 1975. So from a political statement, it has evolved into a (folk) religious practice for me.

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Inay, Ate Coring, Ermie, Mayet and Didi (Mayet's hubby)

My Inay at 84 years old still strong and beautiful!

Fellow ex-Juvenists attending Fr. Ernie's Silver Jubilee last May 16, 2006

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