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Friday, December 05, 2008

More pics of our Tagaytay Trip

Ermie, Mitch, May and Ate Coring at one of the verandas at La Salle Villa.     The other photo below shows Inay, and the rest of the girls, walking down the sidewalk, going to La Salle Villa. We ate at Santi's!

Tagaytay Trip

Last December 1, 2008 was a Monday. Because of our peculiar Philippine laws declaring Monday a holiday if the legal holiday falls on a Sunday,  that Monday was a legal holiday, giving us all a long week-end furlough.  This gave me an opportunity to fulfill Inay's complaint -- it has been ages that I have brought her to Tagaytay.  I also took this opportunity to bring Ate Coring and her brood to this place for a change of scenery and weather.  Unfortunately, Ana had to be in their office (after her long leave of absence since her Dad's death), so it was only Ate and May who were able to come with us. 
In my brand new Avanza were May, Lonlon, Inay and Ate Coring, with me at the wheels.  On the Honda car were Ermie, Eric, Mitch (Eric's girlfriend) and George at the wheels.  After breakfast,  we headed for Tagaytay,  with me leading the way.
First stop over was Batangas' poor version of Disneyland, located at Lemery.  We had picture taking with Fantasyland as our background.  George and Lonlon were at their naughtiest during the pictorials.  Find out why.  
We then went to La Salle Villa, where Inay remembered.  We went there several years ago.  At that time,  we brought our lunch and we stayed there almost the whole day.  This time,  we cannot stay longer for we had to go back after lunch for other commitments.  At this picturesque villa,  there were more picture taking.  Again,  Lon and George were at their elements.   The "excursionists" enjoyed the cool La Salle Villa.
We then motored to Santi's where I treated them to a hearty lunch -- an advance blow-out for my 27th sacerdotal anniversary, which was to take place the following day, Dec. 2.  Gee, I was a bit disappointed that the food tasted a little salty, not very  much to everyone's liking.  to think that the prices were quite costly.  I choose that b
ecause I have tried Santi's several times when I was with the Brothers.  I have also treated Didi,  Mayet's husband, to a dinner there and he was gorgeously delighted.  Gee, what a letdown this Santi!
On our way back,  the ladies (Inay, Ate and Ermie) wanted to buy some decorative plants.  After some bargaining -- as ladies are wont to do -- we then proceeded back home.  It was easy driving as everyone wanted to have a clearer view of the Taal Lake cum Volcano.  It was at this instance that Inay as
ked me where Lonlon was working.  She remarked that it was really long way for George or Erick to fetch Lonlon (when he wasn't still renting an apartment in Lemery).  all the while Inay thought that this part of Lemery was where Lonlon was working.
So we decided to pass by the poblacion of Lemery to show the bank (UCPB) where Lonlon works.  After satisfying Inay's curiosity,        we drove home peacefully!  After catching some minutes of rest,  I drove back Mitch to their house in Dizon Village, Lipa City.  I proceeded to Pater Putativus Publishing House to get some important documents,  which I gave to the Alumni seminarian-coordinator of UST Central Seminary (they were at the SFS Major for the Inter-College Seminary Meet that day).  
I drove back to Bauan to go the wake of Mareng Lui Leynes,  wife of Pareng Onnes Leynes.  There I met mutual friends -- Beting Mauhay, and other parishioners.  I promised Pareng Onnes to say Mass the following day.  I did not tell him that would be my anniversary Mass as I wanted it to be a surprise for him.  The Leynes couple are indeed part of my priesthood.  I will write about that later.  

   Erick & Mitch at the viewdeck of La Salle Villa!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ate Vi's birthday

This picture was taken after the Mass offered in honor of Governor Vilma Santos Recto who turned 55 last November 3, 2008.  The Mass was held at the Provincial Capitol Grounds and was sponsored by the Provincial employees.

  Present during the Mass were various municipal officials and of course,  the provincial officials led by Vice Governor Mark Levite and the Provincial Board members.

I was the one tasked to give the homily, where I revealed Ate Vi's age, to which she was vigorously objecting, insisting she was only 39.  I got that from showbiz columnist Ricky Lo who his column for that day entitled "55 reasons why Ate Vi is happy" something like that.  That was my jumping board.  Later I shifted to what public thrust is all about.  I remined them that all authority emanates from God and God wants this authority to be used for the good of His people.  It is a privilege that has a lot of responsibility going with having this authority.  Of course,  I was referring not only to the lady governor but to all of the officials gathered for the occasion.

With me were: Fr. Sam Titular, Fr. Lito Malibiran, Fr. Gerald Macalinao (main celebrant as he is the assistant parish priest of Euphrasia, which embraces the Capitol grounds), Fr. Jonas Palmares and myself. This is the first time that I said mass for Ate Vi publicly! 

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