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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lasal Basketball Clinic

This clinic in De La Salle Lipa is really something!  In the first place,  The sports office of the school charged a higher fee from the campers.  While at SBC we charged P1,500 (as we give the RGS P500) per camper,  DLSL imposed a whooping P2,500 for this Monday thru Saturday caper.

The kids are also of varied type -- fat, reed-thin, some are shy, some are attention seekers.  There were parents who really asked us their help, "My kid is a special child!" "I want my kid to have friends as he has none in our neighborhood!"  "I want my so,  who is already 5'7" and will be a freshman in high school to learn basketball so that he'd not be a laughing-stock during the school year!"

I really had to dig into my pockets of tricks to gain the confidence and catch their attention.  For the first time in our clinics this summer,  I used variety of "fun drills",  and that did the trick!  The kids were all cooperative and they had f-u-n! 
Thanks to my very able and amiable team of coaches -- Coach Nino Ricci (NR) Aguba of the University of Batangas,  Coach Nino Agoncillo, Coach Jrex Atienza, Coach Glenford Prospero and Coach Kennedy Macalintal, all from De La Salle Lipa!  all of them are the core-members of the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines- Batangas Chapter.  This team has been with me for the past four years.    

Saturday, April 19, 2008

When I turned 57

April 15, 2008,  God gave me another lease of life!  I turned 57.  Here are some pictures at home during the merienda cena that Inay, Ate Coring, Ermie, Mayet, Lonlon and Ate Bensing prepared for my guests:  my co-workers at Pater Putativus Publishing House,  Mely Manalo and the guys at Veritas Media Center, and my team of coaches and trainers.  Here are some pictures of my during that afternoon.

          By the way they looked,  they were satisfied with the food that my family prepared for them!

Our First Gas Power Corporation Basketball Camp

For the third consecutive summer,  First Gas Power Corporation in Sta. Rita, Batangas City has contracted us to do a summer basketball camp for the kids at the two barangays they are located -- Sta. Rita Kalsada (SRK) and Sta. Rita Aplaya (SRA).  So, April 14 - 19 saw us (Coaches NR, Kenny, Onin, Glen, Jrex and myself) shuttling to these places:  8 - 11 am at the Batangas Sports Complex for the SRK clinic and 1 - 4pm at the gym built by FG at SRA.  This year,  we had advanced basketball,  trying to keep together those whom we have guided for the past two summers.  SRK proved to be hard most of them,  though big boys already,  were first timers and of course had already developed bad habits and poor in fundamentals.  SRA, on the other hand,  had most of those who have been with us come back for real advanced training.  Indeed,  the smaller yet fundamentally sound SRA dribblers demolished the much taller SRK kids.   

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My latest basketball camp

Last April 7-11,  my team (composed of Coaches Onin Agoncillo, Jrex Atienza, Clifford Prospero, Kenny Macalintal -- all of La Salle Lipa --, and Nino Ricci (NR) Aguba of the University of Batangas) conducted a basketball camp at St. Bridget College Auditorium in Batangas City.  This is our third summer in this part of the province -- the first year at UB and for the past two summers at SBC.  

We had 29 campers.  Most of them are first timers to this kind of basketball camp.  Only three have attended our previous camps.  One of them, Raven Mendoza did not even know how to catch the ball.  Now he was a star player of SBC.  He just graduated from elementary and the high school varsity team is waiting for him.

For those interested to see more,  kindly to UTube and look at "Fr. Nonie's Basketball Summer Camp '08".  Happy viewing.

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