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Friday, December 05, 2008

More pics of our Tagaytay Trip

Ermie, Mitch, May and Ate Coring at one of the verandas at La Salle Villa.     The other photo below shows Inay, and the rest of the girls, walking down the sidewalk, going to La Salle Villa. We ate at Santi's!

Tagaytay Trip

Last December 1, 2008 was a Monday. Because of our peculiar Philippine laws declaring Monday a holiday if the legal holiday falls on a Sunday,  that Monday was a legal holiday, giving us all a long week-end furlough.  This gave me an opportunity to fulfill Inay's complaint -- it has been ages that I have brought her to Tagaytay.  I also took this opportunity to bring Ate Coring and her brood to this place for a change of scenery and weather.  Unfortunately, Ana had to be in their office (after her long leave of absence since her Dad's death), so it was only Ate and May who were able to come with us. 
In my brand new Avanza were May, Lonlon, Inay and Ate Coring, with me at the wheels.  On the Honda car were Ermie, Eric, Mitch (Eric's girlfriend) and George at the wheels.  After breakfast,  we headed for Tagaytay,  with me leading the way.
First stop over was Batangas' poor version of Disneyland, located at Lemery.  We had picture taking with Fantasyland as our background.  George and Lonlon were at their naughtiest during the pictorials.  Find out why.  
We then went to La Salle Villa, where Inay remembered.  We went there several years ago.  At that time,  we brought our lunch and we stayed there almost the whole day.  This time,  we cannot stay longer for we had to go back after lunch for other commitments.  At this picturesque villa,  there were more picture taking.  Again,  Lon and George were at their elements.   The "excursionists" enjoyed the cool La Salle Villa.
We then motored to Santi's where I treated them to a hearty lunch -- an advance blow-out for my 27th sacerdotal anniversary, which was to take place the following day, Dec. 2.  Gee, I was a bit disappointed that the food tasted a little salty, not very  much to everyone's liking.  to think that the prices were quite costly.  I choose that b
ecause I have tried Santi's several times when I was with the Brothers.  I have also treated Didi,  Mayet's husband, to a dinner there and he was gorgeously delighted.  Gee, what a letdown this Santi!
On our way back,  the ladies (Inay, Ate and Ermie) wanted to buy some decorative plants.  After some bargaining -- as ladies are wont to do -- we then proceeded back home.  It was easy driving as everyone wanted to have a clearer view of the Taal Lake cum Volcano.  It was at this instance that Inay as
ked me where Lonlon was working.  She remarked that it was really long way for George or Erick to fetch Lonlon (when he wasn't still renting an apartment in Lemery).  all the while Inay thought that this part of Lemery was where Lonlon was working.
So we decided to pass by the poblacion of Lemery to show the bank (UCPB) where Lonlon works.  After satisfying Inay's curiosity,        we drove home peacefully!  After catching some minutes of rest,  I drove back Mitch to their house in Dizon Village, Lipa City.  I proceeded to Pater Putativus Publishing House to get some important documents,  which I gave to the Alumni seminarian-coordinator of UST Central Seminary (they were at the SFS Major for the Inter-College Seminary Meet that day).  
I drove back to Bauan to go the wake of Mareng Lui Leynes,  wife of Pareng Onnes Leynes.  There I met mutual friends -- Beting Mauhay, and other parishioners.  I promised Pareng Onnes to say Mass the following day.  I did not tell him that would be my anniversary Mass as I wanted it to be a surprise for him.  The Leynes couple are indeed part of my priesthood.  I will write about that later.  

   Erick & Mitch at the viewdeck of La Salle Villa!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ate Vi's birthday

This picture was taken after the Mass offered in honor of Governor Vilma Santos Recto who turned 55 last November 3, 2008.  The Mass was held at the Provincial Capitol Grounds and was sponsored by the Provincial employees.

  Present during the Mass were various municipal officials and of course,  the provincial officials led by Vice Governor Mark Levite and the Provincial Board members.

I was the one tasked to give the homily, where I revealed Ate Vi's age, to which she was vigorously objecting, insisting she was only 39.  I got that from showbiz columnist Ricky Lo who his column for that day entitled "55 reasons why Ate Vi is happy" something like that.  That was my jumping board.  Later I shifted to what public thrust is all about.  I remined them that all authority emanates from God and God wants this authority to be used for the good of His people.  It is a privilege that has a lot of responsibility going with having this authority.  Of course,  I was referring not only to the lady governor but to all of the officials gathered for the occasion.

With me were: Fr. Sam Titular, Fr. Lito Malibiran, Fr. Gerald Macalinao (main celebrant as he is the assistant parish priest of Euphrasia, which embraces the Capitol grounds), Fr. Jonas Palmares and myself. This is the first time that I said mass for Ate Vi publicly! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is one big loss

I posted about Kua Leo's being hospitalized.  Kuay Leo is Ate Coring's hubby and father of their two daughters, Ana Lea (now working) and May (graduating this school year at SBC taking up Education).  I have also posted the two losses we incurred in our current league, the NBTC Developmental League.

Now I share with you  this ONE BIG LOSS that I and my family suffered last Wednesday, November 19.  It was also the birthday of my nephew Lawrence Elvena,  the youngest of Ermie (my sister who comes after me).

Ate Coring joined the band of widows in our family (Inay, Ermie and now Ate Coring).  Kuya Leo finally gave up his ghost to the Lord due to the Big C.  We will miss Kuya Leo who was a big part of the fun that is our family, especially during the monthly gathering, many of which happened in their house at Bukal, Manghinao, Batangas.

We are gladdened by the thought that he passed to the Lord after receiving the last sacraments at the ICU of St. Patrick's Hospital.  I know because I was the priest who annointed him with the oil for the sick.  When I saw that he no longer had an reaction,  I said, "this is it!  Time for reckoning for Kuya!"  Unconscious,  I left it to the hands of God!  That was Tuesday afternoon.  It came to me as no surprise to hear Ate Coring's voice over her mobile, "Your Kuya Leo has gone!"

I'd like to thank all who have been part of Kuya Leo's battle with the Big C,  which he rather foolishly  tried to ignore.  Thanks to Dra. Lou Ocampo for the Oriental medicine that extended Kuya Leo's life beyond what his doctors at Bauan Doctors Hospital had given him -- the four month deadline was extended beyond a year of seeming good health,  which had also lulled him into that notion that hence everything is alright with him.  

Thanks to his doctor at the Bauan Doctors who had been patient with our impatient patient (that's what it had ben for Kuya and his doctors), especially Dr. Villena.  We thank Jojo,  Erick's friend, for his availability in case Erick could not attend to his uncle-ninong.  We thank Dr. Moy Rosales,  who despite being sickly himself,  went to Golden Gate Hospital to attend to him for a second opinion.  Unfortunately,  he had to be transfered to St. Patrick's because that was where they had a dialysis machine.

Lastly, we thank God for His guidance and mercy!  

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two losses

It's a bitter to swallow but we have to accept the fact were beaten in the last two games of our NBTC D-League, held at San Beda Alabang last Sunday, Nov. 9.  

First,  the games were supposed to be played on Saturday, Nov. 8 (as announced by the league officials:  playdays are Saturdays).  When they announced the sudden transfer,  I knew it was coming.  I CANNOT coach the team, since I still have to attend to the Masses for the people entrusted to me.  That is my first priority on a Sunday, not basketball!
I already had to miss supervising the practices last Tuesday and Thursday (Nov. 4 & 6), as I was in Baguio attending the Social Action Assembly.  I was instructed by the Archbishop to attend this as the assembly would tackle good governance as one of its main subjects.  (I was given the mandate to plan for the formal launching of our "Task Force on Good Governance" in the Archdiocese/Province under the aegis of the Lipa Metropolitan Province chapter of the Bishop-Businessmen's Conference for Human Development.
Good that Laguna had only 20+ (21) point advantage over us.  They beat Lucena by 33 and Cavite by 66 during the opening.  This Laguna team which has 10 players from San Beda  Alabang.  they only had 12 players.  The last time around they played with only 13 players.  Gee, I smell something fishy here as each team has to have 15 players to play during one game and 18 players in the roster.  Of course,  there is a proviso that a team member can only play 2 full quarters.  But we were made to understand that 15 players (5 per quarter) is the normal procedure.  I had to bring this matter to the attention of Eric Altamirano.  Otherwise the good intention of the Developmental League would be defeated.  It would be winning as the goal and not teaching proper fundamentals to the kids.  
Then,  during the opening we were made to play our next game 25 minutes after we finished our game against Cavite.  Lucena had a good two hour rest when they played against us.  The understanding is that we would have been given one-hour rest.
This time,  the organizers were the ones who insisted that Lucena be given the one-hour break.  Fortunately for them,  the last game ended early and they had more than one-hour rest. Goodness, ang babait ng mga taga-Batangas!  Pumayag na rin.
We lost to Lucena.  I wasn't around (as I had to go back. See story below).  I was told that the referees did us in.  It was a close game daw!  We lost to them by 22 during the opening.  I was told that we lost, because of bad officiating at the closing minutes of the game, by less than 10 points.  
What is important is that we are following the guidelines and the modules of NBTC.  What is important is that the kids are learning to play with the correct fundamentals.  What is important is that we are molding the team from different schools, coming together only last October and made to play together as a team in a league which stated October 25, become a team of hard-working players.  


Kuya Leo hospitalized

November 10,2008 -- Kuya Leo, husband of Ate Coring, was rushed to Bauan Doctors' Hospital yesterday morning after severe vomiting.  Ate called up Eric, George and Didi who rushed him to the hospital, where he was confined and given oxygen as he was gasping for air.  Soon he was given intra-veneous liquid to prevent dehydration.
I received the text message from Ermie sometime 10:30 am.  I was already on my way to San Beda Alabang to catch up with the BMeg - Batangas City team,  which was scheduled to play two games that day.  I have already missed the first as I still had to say the Sunday Mass for the people of Villa San Jose.  I had just passed Brent School in Mamplasan, Binan when I got the text message. 
I stopped over at the Shell station to take my brunch (had no breakfast yet and it was nearing lunch time).  I told Ermie that I'd just take a bite and find an exit way back to Batangas.  I did at the Carmona exit.  By 12:30 pm,  I was at Bauan Doctors.  
Kuya Leo was in his elements, though he was hard of hearing already.  He was spirited in narrating what happened to him (as he remembered the events,  which for the most part was correct in their sequence).  Present when I arrived were his two daughters, Ana and May,  cousin Flor (daughter of Tio Efren and Tia Soledad) and Minda (Kuya's only sister).
The doctor came and told him his suggestion:  CT scan and depending on what it reveals the necessary processes -- if early stage, surgery;  if already late, then chemo/dialysis!  I told Kuya it's his call.  He had to put his life in the hands of God's instruments -- the doctors and the nurses, inlcuding Eric,  who was already complaining of the his ninong's obstinacy.  
Let's see what will come out of this!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Fresh Sports Commitments

I'm presently pre-occupied with this team of 18 kids, aged 14-16, presently competing at the National Basketball Traning Center-Developmental League. I was chosen as the Head Coach of the Purefoods BMeg-owned team, which represents Batangas City in the four-team South Luzon leg of this Samahan ng Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SPB)-sanctioned tournament. The Aim is to find talents for future national youth teams.

We practice three times a week, after classes.  We follow modules provided by the National Director of NBTC, Coach Eric Altamirano and National Training Director, Alex Compton.  Together with my two assistant coaches, EN Aguba (of University of Batangas) and Onin Agoncillo (of De La Salle Lipa), we attended a coaches' workshop held at the ULTRA just before the official practices began.  Official practices began on October 1.  The first game was October 25, after a colorful opening at the ULTRA.

The team is composed of 6 players from the University of Batangas, 4 players from De La Salle Lipa, 3 players from Marian Learning Center and Science High School, 2 from St. Bridget College (High School Department), 2 from Batangas State University (High School department)and 1 from Sta. Teresa College (Bauan).   We concentrate on teaching the fundamentals.  One hour per practice is devoted to individual skills.  The idea is not so much in winning games but how to play the game with correct fundamentals.  

As of this date,  we are 1-1;  We played marvelously against Cavite which boasts of 4 players at 6'8".  However, we were made to play twenty minutes after our win against a well-rested Lucena team, which clobbered us by 22 points.  We were in the game only during the first quarter.  The boys simply could not keep up with the taller and well-rested opponents.  The way I looked at it,  we are the shortest team.  Our tallest is only 6'1.5".  Laguna has more experienced players, heavy and tall, with three above 6'4".  Lucena has at least 2 6'5" players.  We'll see how we managed.  

The boys are enjoying the learning experience! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Celebration for August Celebrants

for the August celebrants, namely:  Ate Coring and 
Vincent (Danny's son, who is in Virginia, USA).
Photo shows Ate Coring and Inay!

Eto yong buong cast.  Wala lang si Danny at si Eric dahil nang kunan ko ng pictures sila,  wala pa sila.  Absent sina  Camille, CJ, George at Fr. Lou.  Sabi ni fr. Lou, nalimutan daw niya.  Sabi ni George, di daw siya sinabihan.   From left to right: Anna Asilo, Lonlon Elvena (in yellow shirt), Mom Ermie, Ate Coring, Inay, Mayet and Didi.  At second row (back):  Kuya Leo (Ate Coring's hubby),  May Asilo, and Cena Dolor (El's wife).
Siyempre,  ang Mother, di ba?  Saan ba makakakuha ang mga anak kundi sa Ina?  
Ermie, Cena, Ate Coring, Inay and Mayet!  
Rare picture ito.  Bihira kong mapagsama-sama ang mga girls!  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More photos at Tita Bel's place

Here are some of the pictures taken during the gathering at Tita Bel's place last July 26.   Topmost  are Ate Coring's eldest, anna,  accompanied by El's only son CJ.

Tita Aning had to helped to her room by tiyo Rodrigo, Erick (Ermie' son who is nurse), Ate Coring.  Boss Didi (Mayet's hubby) looks on and ready to help, if needed.

Sino raw ang paboritong  manugang ng Inay?  Sino daw???  
Obvious ba?

Tita receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.  Earlier,  she made a tearful confession.  she was very very happy and peaceful after the Eucharist.  Always smiling and has stopped complaining of pain.  That's the fruit of the Eucharist,  the greatest medicine!


The six ladies of Noel,  the second boy of Tita Aning!  Being half-Pangasinenses,  look at the "thumbs up" sign!


Ermie and "Pirit",  daughter of our Tiyo  Efren (Tatay's youngest brother).  "Pirit" is the god-daughter of Tita Aning by baptism.  Typical Dolor,  she is a-look-a-like of Camille and some other cousins on the Dolor side.

Ate Edu (of the Tatlonghari side of the Castillos) is very animated in her stories.  It was she who provides the comic relief to the occasion.  Her audience:  Cena (El's wife), one of Carmelo's boys,  and another niece whom I cannot recognize from that angle.

George,  Ermie's second boy,  joins Anna and CJ in this picture taken just before the Mass started.  Incidentally,  the singing in the Mass was so alive, even if I got a very hoarse voice during that night.  

The couple:  Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo & Isabel Castillo

At Tita Bel's place

Last July 26, Saturday evening, we all gathered at Tita Bel's palatial place.  Tita Bel is Tita aning to most of us and Lola Bel to the young 'uns.  She is the youngest of Inay's 5 siblings.  And she is sickly -- her spinal column is damaged.  She could no longer go to church and she has been confined to that house with only her husband, Tiyo Rodrigo, taking care of her.  

Ate Coring was the one who thought and planned all this.  She convinced Tita Bel that we wanted to see her but she harbor all sorts of grudges -- all figments of imagination -- against us who really care for her.  

Ate Behing represented the Tatlonghari family, as Ate Bensing who was set to go got suddenly ill.  Arthur and Pinky were the other Castillo  (Pablo) family representatives. The Dolors were practically all present, except for Fr. Lou who was still tied up with his parish at that time, and El,  who was of course abroad.

Unfortunately,  none of Tita Aning's three boys were there.  Carmelo's wife and kids,  and Noel's wife and six girls were there.  

After her confession,  we had the Mass.  I spoke of how beautiful it was to see relatives gathered around the altar and celebrating life,  forgiving and understanding each other as the Lord Jesus commands.  Of course,  we partook of the the banquet that Ate Coring supervised to prepare. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things that kept me busy these days!

My last post was about two months ago.  That's because . . .  the Archbishop kept me busy attending meetings for the putting up of the Bishops-Businessmen Conference-Lipa Chapter.  We had a series of meetings with lay people who have heart for helping the poor, without any vested interest.  I was included in the ad-hoc committee that drew up the Constitution and By-Laws.  Last June 3,  the BBC-Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lipa Chapter was finally admitted by the BBC-National.

Then last July 4th,  I was again with the Bishop attending the General Assembly and Annual Meeting of BBC at Asian Institute of Management.  Our Executive Director, Mr. Willie Bleza,  and I,  were asked by the BBC National Co-chair, HOn. Vicente Paterno, to be there to attend the facilitators meeting.  We were there the night before and we were billeted at the AIM Center.  The following morning,  we attended the General Assembly.  There were archbishops and bishops in attendance and of course, prominent business and sectoral leaders.  Archbishop Arguelles chaired the South Luzon workshop which we facilitated.  It turned out that I was on-the-spot-unofficial photographer of this event.

Before that,  June 26-27, saw me attend the anti-corruption workshop --- again at the instance of the Archbishop.  Ms. Emy Castillo and Rev. Bubot Hernandez, newly designated assistant director of Lipa Archdiocesan Social Action Center, joined the Archbishop at the Communications Foundation for Asia.  There I met up with old friends from media and the academe, and made new ones, e.g. Atty. Simeon Marcelo,  the former Ombusman,  Mrs. Heidi Mendoza,  a former COA auditor that made headlines as she was the one who audited Gen. Garcia,  General Samuel Tucay of the PNP Training Academy,  Pampanga Governor Eddie Panlilio (who remember me as we have previously met at the UST Central seminary Homecoming,  when I was ALPA president).  Again,  this in view of our BBC in the Archdiocese as Good Governance is one of our concerns.

Have just finished our Catholic Media Network General Assembly at the National Office of Mass Media.  Fr. Jim Reuter was so happy to see his old protege.  In fact,  he asked me to take the minutes of the meeting during the last day -- something he rarely does,  and he does it only with me (that's what his staff also affirmed, saying that Fr. Jim knows I have mastered his style of minute taking).  Fr. Ilde Dimaano was with me and that July 10 was his birthday.  I treated him to dinner at Rockwell.  Joining us were Ogie Fabie and DJ Raynuts and my driver Jun.  I was briefed by Fr. Ilde and Ogie regarding the development in our project -- a new FM radio and we were already in the process of putting up the Tower at Sto. Domingo, Batangas City (a high place in the mountains,  which I have visited already).

Yesterday, July 15,  I was at UST to attend to the Alumni Board meeting.  The meeting was so longgggg!

That's it, folks!  And I still have to attend to the daily nitty-gritty of Pater Putativus Publishing House.  Oh yeah,  I have started to meet the homeowners officers at Villa San Jose for our community building.  

These are all God's work not mine!  I am only his instrument,  truly unworthy servant who is trying hard to come up to the Master's expectation!  This alone keeps me on my feet,  alive and kicking!

If the Lord does not build the house . . . .



Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Brought PBL Finals to Batangas City

It all started when Chino Trinidad,  the Commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Team,  asked me to be their "spokesperson" to the the Batangas City officials, headed by Mayor Eddie Dimacuha.  He wanted the first game of the 5-game championship series of the concluding conference of the league.  At that time,  we have not yet ascertained who will play whom for the championship.  

Until it became evident that Harbor Center,  the a team seeking to make history by winning the title five times in a row,  will meet Hapee Toothpaste, bannered by the popular Fil-Am, Gbe Norwood.  

The first game was record-breaker for the PBL as far as attendance is concerned.  Manila sportswriters put it at around 6,000 spectators.  Hapee took game one, on a come-from-behind-win.  The Batanguenos rooted for them as they were the underdogs.  

Chino and the team-owners were so thrilled that they asked me to set up game four (and a possible game five) in the same venue -- the newly opened Batangas City Sports Complex.  And indeed game four was held there -- that game gave Harbor Center an unprecedented fifth straight championship.  

I had to do a lot of leg work for the teams, especially for Harbor, as their team manager is a personal friend.  Th staff of the coliseum kept calling me to ask for this and for that.  The PBL office would ask me to talk to them on their behalf.  I had to do a lot of press relations chores, e.g., introducing the PBL bigwigs to the Mayor,  entertaining the Manila sports media,  coordinating with the teams for interviews by the local media colleagues,  calling some restaurants and hotels to make reservations,  assuring the coliseum staff of the PBL's appreciation, etc.

I thought that this would help Batangas City to be recognized as a sports and tourism center, and possibly open some business opportunities. Who knows?  

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ate Vi Fulfills Her Promise to her "Nanay"

Ate Vi made Inay's birthday -- she calls her "Nanay" -- a very memorable one!  She promised to drop by and visit her during her birthday . . . and she did!  
Everyone was happy and eager to have their pictures taken with the Star for All Seasons.  the Governor of Batangas Province.  See how she posed with Inay, Mayet, george, Ate Coring, Fr. Lou and Ermie!
That's how charming and sweet the Lady Governor is.  She gamely cradled Angel,  Agnes' daughter as Ka Lucing and Baby and her grandson join the photo-ops.  Of course,  Inay is also there.
My angels -- they came to help in the preparation and serving of the food -- posed for a souvenir photo with Ate Vi!

Inay celebrates her 86th birthday

May 19, 2008, Monday
San Roque Residence


     She started her day with a Mass at the Bauan Parish Church with Didi and Erick as her companions.  That morning she felt sick as she contracted colds because of the changing weather.
     However,  as the afternoon approached,  she was glowing.  She put on that red dress, allowed herself to be made up by Mayet, and waited for her "special guest" as early as 2:00pm.  
     First to arrive are the Sisters of the Good Shepherd:  Mother Amabilis, Sister Estelle, Sister Anya,  Sister Flor (with her nephew), and a Burmese sister (her second time at home, so says Mother).  
     Then at past four,  her "special guest" arrived with her retinue of security officers and other companions,  including her own mother and sister.  Mother was so elated, overwhelmed that she was crying as she embraced her!  
     Who's she?  Take a look at the next blog!  

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ate Vi's Tour de Taal

Ate Vi's has had enough!  She has to do something to stop Taal Lake and the fish in it from extinction.  To drum up awareness of this immediate need,  the Tour de Taal was held.  the cycling event started at Laurel then proceeded to Talisay, Tanauan, Malvar, Lipa City, Mataas na Kahoy, Cuenca, Alitagtag, San Nicolas, Lemery, then had its finish line at  historic Taal.  During the awarding ceremonies,  she firmly announced her resolve not to grant any more permits for additional fish cages in the endangered lake.  
"Ayon sa latest report sa akin,  ang mga maliputo at iba pang isdang sa Lawa ng Taal lamang matatagpuan, ang mga ito raw ay lasa nang putik,"  she told the throng who jostled and pushed each other just to catch a glimpse of the Star-for-all-Season-turned-public-servant. 
"However,  hindi po tayo magiging drastic.  Dadahan-dahanin ko po dahil alam kong ito rin ang pinagkakabuhayan ng maraming tao," she motherly assured those people who would be affected adversely by this move of government.  
The EU community was represented fairly.  I learnt that the EU has backed the governor's project with a hefty funding. 
You may be wondering why I am writing about this.  Well, I was there as a media person to cover that event.  In fact,  these photos are from my camera. . . sa madali't sabi,  ako rin ang photographer! 

Villa San Jose

This is Villa San Jose,  a housing project of the Archdiocese of Lipa, initiated during the incumbency of the late Archbishop Mariano G. Gaviola during the late 80s.  It was named after the patron saint of the local church, St. Joseph.  Blessed by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin during his feastday, March 19, 1989,  the original Villa San Jose Housing, has 143 houses.  It was opened in four batches from 1989 to 1994. 

Each parish, local communities and individuals were asked to donate an equivalent amount of the cost of a house.  There were also foreign sponsors, mainly from Germany, United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.  In most of the houses,  the name of the sponsors (parish/communities/individuals) is still displayed by the beneficiaries.  
     When Archbishop Ramon Arguelles came in -- after Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales -- he got the CFC-Gawad Kalinga to put up housing projects adjacent to the original VSJ.  There are presently five GK-housing clusters -- Modesto 1 , Modesto 2, Texas, Kabihasnan at San Lorenzo.  They helped build their houses unlike in the original VSJ, and regularly attend the CFC sponsored formation during evenings.

      This is one of the assignments I am involved now.  I am tasked to build this is ONE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.  I officiate at the Sunday Mass and I hold regular meetings with the different homeowners association.  This is not an easy task, given the propensity of Filipino poor families to be very parochial as many of them are uneducated.  They cannot grasp the idea of "unity in diversity" too readily and easily.  Some original settlers, especially those who find it rather heavy to pay their monthly dues (so they could own the house), are envious of the GK-beneficiaries, who do not pay.  They cannot grasp the difference:  VSJ residents can own their homes once payment is full (there is a 25-years-to-pay scheme) while the GK residents have to move out if they are already financially-capable of owning their own house! 

     These little communities are in the Archdiocesan-owned land, also known as "Ranch Property".  The Archbishop has named me as the Ranch Property Administrator.  Please pray for me to be more patient, more understanding, more caring and more self-giving to these "blessed" of the Father.  

About Me

a priest who's passion is social communications (broadcast, press et al), youth formation. Adaptable and tolerant. Want to please everybody; work-addicted and adventurous; easy to please and eager to learn.