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Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is one big loss

I posted about Kua Leo's being hospitalized.  Kuay Leo is Ate Coring's hubby and father of their two daughters, Ana Lea (now working) and May (graduating this school year at SBC taking up Education).  I have also posted the two losses we incurred in our current league, the NBTC Developmental League.

Now I share with you  this ONE BIG LOSS that I and my family suffered last Wednesday, November 19.  It was also the birthday of my nephew Lawrence Elvena,  the youngest of Ermie (my sister who comes after me).

Ate Coring joined the band of widows in our family (Inay, Ermie and now Ate Coring).  Kuya Leo finally gave up his ghost to the Lord due to the Big C.  We will miss Kuya Leo who was a big part of the fun that is our family, especially during the monthly gathering, many of which happened in their house at Bukal, Manghinao, Batangas.

We are gladdened by the thought that he passed to the Lord after receiving the last sacraments at the ICU of St. Patrick's Hospital.  I know because I was the priest who annointed him with the oil for the sick.  When I saw that he no longer had an reaction,  I said, "this is it!  Time for reckoning for Kuya!"  Unconscious,  I left it to the hands of God!  That was Tuesday afternoon.  It came to me as no surprise to hear Ate Coring's voice over her mobile, "Your Kuya Leo has gone!"

I'd like to thank all who have been part of Kuya Leo's battle with the Big C,  which he rather foolishly  tried to ignore.  Thanks to Dra. Lou Ocampo for the Oriental medicine that extended Kuya Leo's life beyond what his doctors at Bauan Doctors Hospital had given him -- the four month deadline was extended beyond a year of seeming good health,  which had also lulled him into that notion that hence everything is alright with him.  

Thanks to his doctor at the Bauan Doctors who had been patient with our impatient patient (that's what it had ben for Kuya and his doctors), especially Dr. Villena.  We thank Jojo,  Erick's friend, for his availability in case Erick could not attend to his uncle-ninong.  We thank Dr. Moy Rosales,  who despite being sickly himself,  went to Golden Gate Hospital to attend to him for a second opinion.  Unfortunately,  he had to be transfered to St. Patrick's because that was where they had a dialysis machine.

Lastly, we thank God for His guidance and mercy!  

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Anonymous said...

Tito Nonie... I heard the news from Mommy. I'm so sorry for the lost in the family. All our prayers are with Tita Coring and the rest of your family.

Sorry, I've been so busy. I haven't blog for a long time and I have also forgotten my access to my blogsite. Haven't checked my email either.

You can email me @ pls. drop a line. When u email me at that address I will give you our personal email at home so you can directly contact me at our home email.

In Christ,

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