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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Brought PBL Finals to Batangas City

It all started when Chino Trinidad,  the Commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Team,  asked me to be their "spokesperson" to the the Batangas City officials, headed by Mayor Eddie Dimacuha.  He wanted the first game of the 5-game championship series of the concluding conference of the league.  At that time,  we have not yet ascertained who will play whom for the championship.  

Until it became evident that Harbor Center,  the a team seeking to make history by winning the title five times in a row,  will meet Hapee Toothpaste, bannered by the popular Fil-Am, Gbe Norwood.  

The first game was record-breaker for the PBL as far as attendance is concerned.  Manila sportswriters put it at around 6,000 spectators.  Hapee took game one, on a come-from-behind-win.  The Batanguenos rooted for them as they were the underdogs.  

Chino and the team-owners were so thrilled that they asked me to set up game four (and a possible game five) in the same venue -- the newly opened Batangas City Sports Complex.  And indeed game four was held there -- that game gave Harbor Center an unprecedented fifth straight championship.  

I had to do a lot of leg work for the teams, especially for Harbor, as their team manager is a personal friend.  Th staff of the coliseum kept calling me to ask for this and for that.  The PBL office would ask me to talk to them on their behalf.  I had to do a lot of press relations chores, e.g., introducing the PBL bigwigs to the Mayor,  entertaining the Manila sports media,  coordinating with the teams for interviews by the local media colleagues,  calling some restaurants and hotels to make reservations,  assuring the coliseum staff of the PBL's appreciation, etc.

I thought that this would help Batangas City to be recognized as a sports and tourism center, and possibly open some business opportunities. Who knows?  

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ate Vi Fulfills Her Promise to her "Nanay"

Ate Vi made Inay's birthday -- she calls her "Nanay" -- a very memorable one!  She promised to drop by and visit her during her birthday . . . and she did!  
Everyone was happy and eager to have their pictures taken with the Star for All Seasons.  the Governor of Batangas Province.  See how she posed with Inay, Mayet, george, Ate Coring, Fr. Lou and Ermie!
That's how charming and sweet the Lady Governor is.  She gamely cradled Angel,  Agnes' daughter as Ka Lucing and Baby and her grandson join the photo-ops.  Of course,  Inay is also there.
My angels -- they came to help in the preparation and serving of the food -- posed for a souvenir photo with Ate Vi!

Inay celebrates her 86th birthday

May 19, 2008, Monday
San Roque Residence


     She started her day with a Mass at the Bauan Parish Church with Didi and Erick as her companions.  That morning she felt sick as she contracted colds because of the changing weather.
     However,  as the afternoon approached,  she was glowing.  She put on that red dress, allowed herself to be made up by Mayet, and waited for her "special guest" as early as 2:00pm.  
     First to arrive are the Sisters of the Good Shepherd:  Mother Amabilis, Sister Estelle, Sister Anya,  Sister Flor (with her nephew), and a Burmese sister (her second time at home, so says Mother).  
     Then at past four,  her "special guest" arrived with her retinue of security officers and other companions,  including her own mother and sister.  Mother was so elated, overwhelmed that she was crying as she embraced her!  
     Who's she?  Take a look at the next blog!  

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ate Vi's Tour de Taal

Ate Vi's has had enough!  She has to do something to stop Taal Lake and the fish in it from extinction.  To drum up awareness of this immediate need,  the Tour de Taal was held.  the cycling event started at Laurel then proceeded to Talisay, Tanauan, Malvar, Lipa City, Mataas na Kahoy, Cuenca, Alitagtag, San Nicolas, Lemery, then had its finish line at  historic Taal.  During the awarding ceremonies,  she firmly announced her resolve not to grant any more permits for additional fish cages in the endangered lake.  
"Ayon sa latest report sa akin,  ang mga maliputo at iba pang isdang sa Lawa ng Taal lamang matatagpuan, ang mga ito raw ay lasa nang putik,"  she told the throng who jostled and pushed each other just to catch a glimpse of the Star-for-all-Season-turned-public-servant. 
"However,  hindi po tayo magiging drastic.  Dadahan-dahanin ko po dahil alam kong ito rin ang pinagkakabuhayan ng maraming tao," she motherly assured those people who would be affected adversely by this move of government.  
The EU community was represented fairly.  I learnt that the EU has backed the governor's project with a hefty funding. 
You may be wondering why I am writing about this.  Well, I was there as a media person to cover that event.  In fact,  these photos are from my camera. . . sa madali't sabi,  ako rin ang photographer! 

Villa San Jose

This is Villa San Jose,  a housing project of the Archdiocese of Lipa, initiated during the incumbency of the late Archbishop Mariano G. Gaviola during the late 80s.  It was named after the patron saint of the local church, St. Joseph.  Blessed by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin during his feastday, March 19, 1989,  the original Villa San Jose Housing, has 143 houses.  It was opened in four batches from 1989 to 1994. 

Each parish, local communities and individuals were asked to donate an equivalent amount of the cost of a house.  There were also foreign sponsors, mainly from Germany, United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.  In most of the houses,  the name of the sponsors (parish/communities/individuals) is still displayed by the beneficiaries.  
     When Archbishop Ramon Arguelles came in -- after Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales -- he got the CFC-Gawad Kalinga to put up housing projects adjacent to the original VSJ.  There are presently five GK-housing clusters -- Modesto 1 , Modesto 2, Texas, Kabihasnan at San Lorenzo.  They helped build their houses unlike in the original VSJ, and regularly attend the CFC sponsored formation during evenings.

      This is one of the assignments I am involved now.  I am tasked to build this is ONE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.  I officiate at the Sunday Mass and I hold regular meetings with the different homeowners association.  This is not an easy task, given the propensity of Filipino poor families to be very parochial as many of them are uneducated.  They cannot grasp the idea of "unity in diversity" too readily and easily.  Some original settlers, especially those who find it rather heavy to pay their monthly dues (so they could own the house), are envious of the GK-beneficiaries, who do not pay.  They cannot grasp the difference:  VSJ residents can own their homes once payment is full (there is a 25-years-to-pay scheme) while the GK residents have to move out if they are already financially-capable of owning their own house! 

     These little communities are in the Archdiocesan-owned land, also known as "Ranch Property".  The Archbishop has named me as the Ranch Property Administrator.  Please pray for me to be more patient, more understanding, more caring and more self-giving to these "blessed" of the Father.  

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More pics at Dra. Nora's place

How Joey Mendoza looks like NOW!

Good old friends!
Posing for Posterity
Recalling the good old days at the Boys' High!
That the irrepressible Amor Q. aka Girlie at the center!
Group picture!
Dra. Nora, Cynthia and Encar
The genius, Cesar To
Still sporting the "gigolo" looks
Dr. Glen, Gary and Voltaire -- mirror, mirror on the wall,  who's got the biggest tummy of them all?

Meeting my former"classmates" circa 76 at SBC

These are the guys and gals that gathered at the sprawling industrial estate, Yazaki Torres, in Makiling, Calamba City last May 4, 2008, Sunday.  The compound serves also as the love-nest of our classmates' ever-gracious host, Dra. Nora now surnamed TORRES.  Need I say more about Nora!

As usual,  the girls outnumbered the boys.  

Actually this is a combined force of those who were classmates in the Grade School 72 and High    School 76.  I belong to the 76 Batch!

Many of them changed in size, due to age!  However,  in fairness,  all remained charming and playful,  though some are still playing demure!
Food flowed like we were in the Promised Land.  Toti,  Nora's doting hubby, even toured us in their backyard -- the swimming pools for their employees' kids,  more picnic grounds and recreational facilities.   

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