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Monday, May 19, 2008

Inay celebrates her 86th birthday

May 19, 2008, Monday
San Roque Residence


     She started her day with a Mass at the Bauan Parish Church with Didi and Erick as her companions.  That morning she felt sick as she contracted colds because of the changing weather.
     However,  as the afternoon approached,  she was glowing.  She put on that red dress, allowed herself to be made up by Mayet, and waited for her "special guest" as early as 2:00pm.  
     First to arrive are the Sisters of the Good Shepherd:  Mother Amabilis, Sister Estelle, Sister Anya,  Sister Flor (with her nephew), and a Burmese sister (her second time at home, so says Mother).  
     Then at past four,  her "special guest" arrived with her retinue of security officers and other companions,  including her own mother and sister.  Mother was so elated, overwhelmed that she was crying as she embraced her!  
     Who's she?  Take a look at the next blog!  

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