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Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Photos of My Sydney Vacation

I was able to concelebrate with His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell of Sydney. He introduced me to the Sunday congregation. I read the Gospel and and old Aussie lady came to me later to say "you sound like a television announcer!" If only she knew! later, the Filipino community present came up and greeted me. This was taken at Blue Mountain, their version of "Tatlong Maria". It was wet and foggy when we visited the place. From there we proceeded to Jenolan Caves. This was taken by Didi.
We really enjoyed our walk at the park beneath Harbor Bridge, which is just a stone throw from Ricky's (Mayet's brother-in-law) flat. This was taken by Didi of Mayet and me with the Sydney Opera House at the background. Later, taking a walk at the bridge, we visited that famous landmark.
Inside the flat. This was taken shortly before we went out. As it was winter, it was very cold, even inside the house. We went out at daytime and come back late in the evening. Didi and Mayet would still go to Ricky's restaurant to fetch Dra. Lulu (who aside from studying Oriental Maedicine acts as Ricky's assistant in the restaurant).

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