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Monday, November 10, 2008

Kuya Leo hospitalized

November 10,2008 -- Kuya Leo, husband of Ate Coring, was rushed to Bauan Doctors' Hospital yesterday morning after severe vomiting.  Ate called up Eric, George and Didi who rushed him to the hospital, where he was confined and given oxygen as he was gasping for air.  Soon he was given intra-veneous liquid to prevent dehydration.
I received the text message from Ermie sometime 10:30 am.  I was already on my way to San Beda Alabang to catch up with the BMeg - Batangas City team,  which was scheduled to play two games that day.  I have already missed the first as I still had to say the Sunday Mass for the people of Villa San Jose.  I had just passed Brent School in Mamplasan, Binan when I got the text message. 
I stopped over at the Shell station to take my brunch (had no breakfast yet and it was nearing lunch time).  I told Ermie that I'd just take a bite and find an exit way back to Batangas.  I did at the Carmona exit.  By 12:30 pm,  I was at Bauan Doctors.  
Kuya Leo was in his elements, though he was hard of hearing already.  He was spirited in narrating what happened to him (as he remembered the events,  which for the most part was correct in their sequence).  Present when I arrived were his two daughters, Ana and May,  cousin Flor (daughter of Tio Efren and Tia Soledad) and Minda (Kuya's only sister).
The doctor came and told him his suggestion:  CT scan and depending on what it reveals the necessary processes -- if early stage, surgery;  if already late, then chemo/dialysis!  I told Kuya it's his call.  He had to put his life in the hands of God's instruments -- the doctors and the nurses, inlcuding Eric,  who was already complaining of the his ninong's obstinacy.  
Let's see what will come out of this!


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