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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At Tita Bel's place

Last July 26, Saturday evening, we all gathered at Tita Bel's palatial place.  Tita Bel is Tita aning to most of us and Lola Bel to the young 'uns.  She is the youngest of Inay's 5 siblings.  And she is sickly -- her spinal column is damaged.  She could no longer go to church and she has been confined to that house with only her husband, Tiyo Rodrigo, taking care of her.  

Ate Coring was the one who thought and planned all this.  She convinced Tita Bel that we wanted to see her but she harbor all sorts of grudges -- all figments of imagination -- against us who really care for her.  

Ate Behing represented the Tatlonghari family, as Ate Bensing who was set to go got suddenly ill.  Arthur and Pinky were the other Castillo  (Pablo) family representatives. The Dolors were practically all present, except for Fr. Lou who was still tied up with his parish at that time, and El,  who was of course abroad.

Unfortunately,  none of Tita Aning's three boys were there.  Carmelo's wife and kids,  and Noel's wife and six girls were there.  

After her confession,  we had the Mass.  I spoke of how beautiful it was to see relatives gathered around the altar and celebrating life,  forgiving and understanding each other as the Lord Jesus commands.  Of course,  we partook of the the banquet that Ate Coring supervised to prepare. 

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