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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More photos at Tita Bel's place

Here are some of the pictures taken during the gathering at Tita Bel's place last July 26.   Topmost  are Ate Coring's eldest, anna,  accompanied by El's only son CJ.

Tita Aning had to helped to her room by tiyo Rodrigo, Erick (Ermie' son who is nurse), Ate Coring.  Boss Didi (Mayet's hubby) looks on and ready to help, if needed.

Sino raw ang paboritong  manugang ng Inay?  Sino daw???  
Obvious ba?

Tita receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.  Earlier,  she made a tearful confession.  she was very very happy and peaceful after the Eucharist.  Always smiling and has stopped complaining of pain.  That's the fruit of the Eucharist,  the greatest medicine!


The six ladies of Noel,  the second boy of Tita Aning!  Being half-Pangasinenses,  look at the "thumbs up" sign!


Ermie and "Pirit",  daughter of our Tiyo  Efren (Tatay's youngest brother).  "Pirit" is the god-daughter of Tita Aning by baptism.  Typical Dolor,  she is a-look-a-like of Camille and some other cousins on the Dolor side.

Ate Edu (of the Tatlonghari side of the Castillos) is very animated in her stories.  It was she who provides the comic relief to the occasion.  Her audience:  Cena (El's wife), one of Carmelo's boys,  and another niece whom I cannot recognize from that angle.

George,  Ermie's second boy,  joins Anna and CJ in this picture taken just before the Mass started.  Incidentally,  the singing in the Mass was so alive, even if I got a very hoarse voice during that night.  

The couple:  Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo & Isabel Castillo

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