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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Surprise, Surprise

I got the surprise of all surprises when I opened my blog and found this comment from Eric Cristal y Castillo. I remember this young teener during my stay at UST Central Seminary, when once in a while I would drop by their Sampaloc residence. I had lost contact with them ever since they migrated to the States.
Eric's mother Tessie is my first cousin. Tessie's father and my mother are siblings. Tio Abling (Pablo) was the only boy among my mother's six other siblings. We are the closest cousins, i.e., Tio Abling's children and we, my mother's offsprings. In fact, even though it was my Ate Coring and Tessie who were of the same age, it was Tessie and I who hit it off quiet well as we shared some common passion -- dancing and music! It was Tessie who taught me how to rock and roll, dance the boogie. It was Ermie and Marison, Danny and Ferdinand who were not only of the same age, but were quiet close. Of course, the "manong" of San Roque, Arthur was always around during occasions at our house. The younger ones like Junjun, Fatima, Abet and the rest of their brood would come and visit Inay when they happen to go to San Roque.
Tio Abling was a veteran of the Phil. Scouts. I recalled those days -- I was a kid of about three or four -- when he would show me off to his companions (barkadas). Even if I was already asleep, he would wake me up and make me stand on their drinking table. He would bark his commands: 'tenshun! (Attention!) I would then stand in attention even if I was hardly awake. then the next order, hand salute, or march time march 1-2, 1-2, etc. Of course, like a machine I would execute the commands to the delight of Tio abling and his visitors but to the consternation of my mother and Inang (grandmother).
When he got widowed, I was one of those who persuaded him to marry Tita Herminia, instead of just having her as his mere companion. We had a simple but very meaningful wedding at our barrio chapel. Tita Herminia took good care of Tio Abling till his last breath.
Back to Tessie and her kids. Ryan was my inaanak. I don't even remember the last time they were at San Roque. However, I think he was already a chubby teen-ager when they left for the States. I am looking forward to see Eric when he comes to visit the Philippines. I did not even know that he was in New Zealand.
To Eric, make good you're stay. I am glad that you have grown to be a good family man. Ipakilala mo ako sa iyong asawa at mga anak. I am still learning how to post pictures in my blog so that you could see how pogi your Tito is, even at 55 ... Beatles pa rin, kasi Beatles forever tayo!


KiwiNoy said...

Fr. Nonie (a.k.a. Tito Nonie),

I'm so glad to have met you at cyberspace!!! I ba na talaga technology ano. Well, I've been here in New Zealand since 1994, just about a year afet mom and dad went to the US. Mahabang istorya kung paano ako napunta... I'll email to you. Pero I've blogged quite some stories of our lives here in New Zealand, just go through the archives... kakatamad ulitin eh (hehehe). I will send you pix of my family when I get online on my laptop kasi nandoon lahat ng pix. Anyway, I have to go down now for breakfast... naghihintay si Joy (my wife).

Have a nice week and may God continue to shower His unlimited blessings upon you and your family.

noniecdolor said...

nabasa ko na nga. makulay at nakakatuwa.

KiwiNoy said...

how are u tito nonie? no updates yet? k c ya l8r.

noniecdolor said...

Happy Valentine, to all of you! Eric, your namesake (anak ni Ate Ermie mo) will be flying to Saudi Arabia to work at a hospital there on Feb. 23. He will join his girlfriend there. He'd be fetch at the airport by Mitch's (the mane of eric's gf)father. Her mother is also there. They were the ones who arrange for his employment there.

This Feb. 22, your Ate Mayet will celebrate her birthday. Regards daw sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya. Wala pa rin siyang anak!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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