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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Who would believe that this woman will be 86 this May 19?  NOt if you see her going around the house, cleaning and ordering her apos -- Lonlon and George --- to do some errands for her.  She even washes the clothes of those around,  as she is left alone in the house during the day when all are out working.  She cooks and for her entertainment,  watches her favorite TV shows.  At six in the evening,  she hollers to call all those present to pray the Angelus plus the other prayers she inherited from her own mother. 
     She is happy just to see Fr. Lou come (usually on a Tuesday) and bring his regular pasalubong -- his dirty clothes which she personally washes or if she can't because of sudden rise of blood pressure she supervises very closely the lavandera -- and feed him with her menu for lunch or supper.  "Ay luto ko yan!"  she would brag to Fr. Lou,  who'd give her whatever he has in his pocket for her allowance.  The smile on her face!  
     If Fr. Lou won't come during the whole week,  she would wonder, "Bakit kaya?  Paano ang mga damit noon?"  But actually,  it is Fr. Lou she misses not the laundry!  She'd get upset and really burst out in anger and frustration over Danny's coming home late or not coming home at all.  She'd lecture at him the next morning because Danny kept her awake the whole night,  or that she was awakened by his coming in the wee hours of the morning and she could not go back to sleep.  And yet,  she still washes Danny's clothes and even secretly setting some portion of the viand during supper -- knowing that Danny is fond of eating whatever time he comes in during the day!  She would rue over El's fate, "kawawa naman si El!"  And she shows her concern as she showers her grandmaternal affections to Camille and Cj when they come home to visit their lola.
     That's Inay to us -- to Ate Coring and her family, to Ermie and her kids (the first grandchild, Erick, Inay publicly professes to be her favorite!), to Danny, to Fr. Lou, and to our intimate friends who also call her Inay!  Incidentally,  she's an avid Vilmanian!  And that is why Ate Vi fondly calls her "Nanay"!  
Wait,  I forget to tell you,  she is MY mother also!  

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