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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Holy Week

I spent the Holy Week with the La Salle Brothers of the Philippines.  I was their Chaplain in their annual retreat, held at PHINMA Training Center,  which was given by the Del Rosarios to La Salle Philippines.  I went there Tuesday afternoon (that morning I joined the Lipa Clergy, led by Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelless in renewing our priestly vows.  I was annotator for Spirit-FM during the Mass -- what else is new?).  
     The retreat was facilitated by an American La Salle Brother, Br. James Zullo, FSC, a noted speaker and practitioner of counseling in the UNited States.  The theme for this year's retreat was "The Paschal Mystery:  An Invitation to Explore our Life Transitions".  Gosh,  this spoke to me a lot since I have experienced a radical transition since I left La Salle Lipa to live on my own at the Pater Putativus Publishing House at Marawoy, Lipa City.   Definitely,  Br. Jim's lectures and sharing spoke loud and clear to me.  they helped me a lot in understanding and finding more meaning to my present ministry.
     The stay at PHINMA also provided me some relief from the tensions and pressures of work at PPPH and even from the Ranch Property.  (I talked to the couple,  who are supposed to be the "tenants" in the ranch property of the ARchdiocese.  They claimed innocence why there are a lot of dwellers there.  I also was bombarded by requests related to rentals from the Villa San Jose dwellers.)  The accommodations are excellent (this is my second time there).  the Brothers are as usual very jolly and because of their present involvement in the current issues in the country,  are every open to share the latest.
     In fact,  we had the Lozada family as guests during the Easter Vigil rites.  I had the chance to talk to Jun and his wife.  After the program that evening,  I went home to Pater.  I had a Mass on Easter Sunday at Villa San Jose. 

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