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Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Photos of My San Roque SJ Celebration

These are pictures taken from the celebration of my silver jubilee at San Roque.

It became a virtual reunion of the Dolor Family. We used to have thes re-unions since 1976 but they stopped sometime in the mid-80s. My cousins really wanted to resume this. My silver jubilee provided the occasion.

Of course, the Castillo side would not be left out. Somewhere here is a picture of Tita Sabel, the only other surviving Castillo-Hernandez sibling, aside from my mother. she is shown talking to Azucena, the wife of my brother El. Incidentally, one grace (gift) of the Biblical jubilee is reconciliation. This became very, very true with my Silver Jubilee. Promiment among the reconciliations effected was between Cena and Inay and my sisters Ate Coring and Ermie. I hope this is a lasting gift.

Fr. Lou, my brother, was also there to lend a hand. He arrived in the afternoon as he had other ministerial tasks to fulfill in his parish that Saturday morning till noon. Later in the evening, Fr. Larry Abante and Fr. Ariel Gonzales, two of his closest friends and classmates, came. These two are in the habit to just drop by the house . . . in other words, they belong to the family, really! I intentionally did not invite any other priests because I wanted them to be at De La Salle Lipa on Monday, December 4. That is supposed to be their day with me.

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