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Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Tatang" Jim make my day!

Fr. Jim Reuter, SJ, my mentor in Communications, spoke of the priest as a communicator. Amazing is this nonagenarian workhorse of the National Office of Mass Media. Since 1972, I have always looked up to him as my mentor. He has known me as a budding broadcaster and he has involved my in a lot of projects of the NOMM --- training seminars, translation of materials, not to mention our regular semi-annual meetings of the then Phil. Federation of Catholic Broadcasters (PFCB), the fore-runner of now Catholic Media Network (CMN). In many a meetings, I used to be his assistant and I love when he would ask, "Where's the body of Nonie? Nonie, my duck, there you are!" And he would start a litany of what he wants me to do, etc. During my 15th anniversary as priest, I asked him to give the homily. He told me then not to forget to invite him for my silver. That's why he was here! Though he was not the homilist this time around -- I asked the Archbishop, as our father here in the Archdiocese to be the one -- he, together with some other VIPs (very important persons to me!, gave a short message not only to me but to the congregation present.

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