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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Msgr. Fred made a "public confession"

Msgr. Alfredo A. Madlangbayan, then simply Fr. Fred, was the one who invited me to help him start the radio station of the Archdiocese. It was my birthday -- April 15, 1972 -- when I joined him. I was already a budding radio announcer at another radio station (where I was recruited to join in December 1969). On hindsight, this is God's way of keeping track of me as I was downhearted by my Novitiate "rejection" in May 1969. In other words, Fr. Fred "pirated" me! My first reading during that silver jubilee Mass talks of Isaiah telling the Lord that He duped him and he allowed himself to be duped! Exactly!
I became his assistant director, station manager, janitor and secretary all rolled into one as we started from scratch! I used to joke around that at the time we started, I thought that the station's signal only reaches the mango tree that was locatred right in front of the station's gate. This is to show how antiquated the equipment was. I think Msgr. Fred was also duped into buying this. and he allowed himself to be duped also!
Gee, Msgr. Fred made the public confession of how "it was Nonie, who did all these for the radio station. It was he who is the culprit why people thought that DWAM stands for Alfredo Madlangbayan. It was he who initiated the establishment of our FM station, which people also said stands for Fred Madlangbayan!" The audience were delighted at his quips, of course! Of course, I was doing all the paper works and the follow-ups for the radio station. I applied for a change of call sign -- the original call sign was DZYQ, when we bought it from its former owner. When we transferred to the Basilica Site (again, at my behest), we not only changed the transmitter but also the call sign. The last one Fr. Fred had no inkling -- he just signs papers I present to him! I applied (and was approved by NTC) for the call sign: DWAM! I reckoned several things: Daily Works of Alfredo Madlangbayan, a fitting tribute to the man who has a vision to use media for evangelization! AM also stands for "morning". Inasmuch as we were practically beginning a new station, I thought that this is a "new hope, a new beginning, a new AM (morning) for the local church".
I did not mind (and still does not mind) playing second-fiddle to anyone, most especially Msgr. Fred. I don't seek for glory in this world. I did, and still do, things given me as God's will for me. But just the same, many thanks to Msgr. Fred Madlangbayan for the opportunity to serve God as a communicator!

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sillygoose said...

What a sad, sad day when someone in a position of trust such as Father Garcia, was CONVICTED of sexual abuse against a teenage boy.....sentenced to a mere 90 days (didn't even see a jail cell) and has been allowed to remain as a practicing priest. Do the parents of teenage boys in his current parish know about his history? If anyone else in the community committed and was convicted of such a heinous, evil crime, they sure as heck would not get off scott-free like he did:

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