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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Photos of my La Salle Celebration

This is me during my silver jubilee celebration at De La Salle Lipa last December 4, 2006. I had with me at the altar (on stage) Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Bishop Salvador Quizon, Msgr. Alfredo Madlangbayan, Frs. Mandy Panganiban (shown in picture), Ading Adan, Chito Andal, Richard Panganiban, Jun Quiambao and Edd Pagcaliuangan (master of ceremonies). All other priest-concelebrants were seated below the altar as we could not accomodate the more than 70 priests (diocesan and religious) that came.
The PSALTERION CHOIR of the UST Central Seminary (of which I am an alumnus) sang during the Mass. I requested that they sing the Latin Mass. The Centralites were accompanied by their new Rector, Fr. Gerard.
The seminarian-theologians of St. Francis de Sales Theological Seminary (where I teach Media for Evangelization) were altar servers. The Campus Ministers of the school -- mostly ex-seminarians -- assisted them. They were the "foot-soldiers" doing the dirty work during that event: altar decor, etc.
I could not thanks these people enough for making my celebration a-once-in-a-lifetime experience! They are God's blessing to me!

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