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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who else came to celebrate with me? Look!

Fr. Ernie Garcia, C.Ss.R., represented the Redemptorists. He is currently the Superior of the Lipa Community. The Novices were also there, together with their Novice Master. Unfortunately, our "old" Redemptorist professors and friends, like Fr. Ed Ryan, who recruited me, Fr. Regs Ahearn, to whom I was assistant in our Juvenate days, and others could not come -- they are all in Australia! Ernie is a close buddy, even during our Antipolo days.

Mr. Cayetano Gonzales, better known as "Coach Tanny", is the Secretary general of the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP), an organization of well-known amateur and professional coaches in the country. He came together with BCAP president, Coach Chito Narvasa, and presented me with an appointment letter from BCAP. Aside from congratulating me for this jubilee, I was told that BCAP is appointing me as Coordinator of BCAP in the province of Batangas. Gosh, this is another challenge. However, I am deep into sports as I see it as also a way to evangelize people, especially young kids.

My friends in the sporting world were not able to make it due to their hectic schedules of practices in the PBA. Coach Binky Favis phoned me that morning asking for apologies as they were deep into preparation for their next crucial games. Coach Eric Gonzales, his assistant at Coke Tigers' camp, naturally could make it as well. Coach Bong Ramos and Coach Nash Racela gave the same excuse. However, they promised to come and celebrate with me! It is only Coach Francis Rodriguez and his wife who was able to show up.

Of course, the Star for All Seasons, my friend, the Mayor of Lipa, Vilma Santos Recto. The evening before she called up saying she could not make it because of emergency meetings with her department heads that following Monday. Early Monday morning, she called up again profuse with apologies for having to skip this occasion which she had already previously committed to attend. But surprise, surprised, she just walked into the Sentrum when the Archbishop was giving the homily. She quietly sat down at the back and then later, after the homily, moved to a better place in the congregation.

People started to mill around her after the Mass, all asking for a photo-op. Vilma went to where Inay was and talked to her. She was introduced to my siblings and cousins. IN her short message, she mentioned of our personal friendship, not born of politics but indeed a genuine personal friendship which goes even during her The Sensation days.

Thank you, Ate Vi!

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sillygoose said...

What a sad, sad day when someone in a position of trust such as Father Garcia, was CONVICTED of sexual abuse against a teenage boy.....sentenced to a mere 90 days (didn't even see a jail cell) and has been allowed to remain as a practicing priest. Do the parents of teenage boys in his current parish know about his history? If anyone else in the community committed and was convicted of such a heinous, evil crime, they sure as heck would not get off scott-free like he did:

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