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Sunday, December 10, 2006

My "Stateside" Nephew

Yes, you read it right. That No. 68 is VICENT IVAN M. DOLOR now in Virginia with her Mom Cora. And according to the mom, as he grows older, his mannerism, physical make up, are becoming more and more like his father . . . Danny, my brother, which makes VINCE (that's what we call him) my nephew.

We are all proud of Vince as he is not only good-looking but brillant as well. Cora would send us reports of his grades and accomplishments, which I normally print and put in display at home for everyone to see. I also wanted this to motivate my other nephews and nieces in their studies and activities in the school.

I have pictures of Vince when he was a kid. He would sing at our Christmas re-unions. How I wish he takes another vacation here and be with us.


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