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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Long "Short Break"

This was taken on Christmas night. During our get-together, Leeboy came with his wife and kids, including the younger Leeboy (my cousin's kid by his first wife, who is a Muslim. she divorced him several years ago). The kid is already in third year high school at a Notre Dame School in Jolo. He used to be around during the break.
Of course, at home were Cena and the kids -- Camille and CJ! Fr. Lou stayed and we had videoke the whole night through.
Ate Coring and Kuya Leo, plus Anna and May, stayed till everyone got tired and bid adeu! Fr. Lou went back to San Isidro, the Asilos to Bukal, Cena and the kids stayed at our house. George and Lonlon stayed on with Boss Didi and had a great night drinking red wine.

This other photo was taken at around 9:30 pm, Dec. 31,2006 while waiting for the New Year to come. We -- Inay, Ermie, Mayet, Boss Didi, George and Lonlon -- attended the 8:00pm Mass at Bolo. I concelebrated with Fr. Ariel Gonzales, parish priest, who asked me to deliver the homily.

After the Mass, we went home to eat supper. Ate Behing and Joy came and stayed with us till around 11:15pm. Joy is the daughter of Ate Adela, Ate Behing's youngest sister, who has been in Vienna since the mid-70s. Joy was 13, when she last visited the country. Now she is a beautiful 23-year-old Vienesse lass. We call her "po"-girl, as she had this penchant for using "po" (maybe, Ate Dela reminded her of this Tagalog virtue of being respectful), even during the middle of her sentence. The auntie-niece tandem came with the family of Carmelo Castillo, another first cousin, who invited them to go to Mass at Bauan Parish. When they learnt that we went to Bolo, they felt sorry to have missed me saying Mass and giving the homily, comparing the less lively liturgy in their attendance.

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