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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Revelry

Of course, not to be outdone, although this year's family revelry has been greatly reduced due to financial constraints and safety concerns, Boss Didi, Mayet, Ermie, Dannie, George and Lonlon still had the usual fireworks and noise-barrage to usher the New Year 2007. The cars were started and the horns sounded. The skies were lit up, especially over at neighboring Bukal where Ate Coring resides.

Inay skipped the usual ritual of incensing for her health reason. She just watched and prayed in the family altar. Our dog Honey was inside the house even much, much earlier in the day. She was afraid of all those loud bangings. When we went to Mass in Bolo, she stayed inside Inay's room but looking through the window. When the fireworks grew louder and wilder, she went to my room and hid underneath the bed, with head head propping out through the sheets.

I myself refrained from going out. After I said the Office of the Readings and the night prayers, put on the Ipod Nano that my classmate Chito sent me as gift and enjoyed the music. Earlier, I added music from the CDs I bought of Glen Campbell and Peter, Paul and Mary. Never mind the loud revelry, I rather enjoy the music from my new Ipod.

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