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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Pics of the exchange gift-giving

Inay (at the center) flanked by Fr. Lou (at left) and Mayet (at right)

The Asilo Family and the Ocampo couple

Fr. Lou with the Ocampo couple, and the kids hanging around to be in the picture. At the background is Ate Coring, the MC of the night!

Fr. Nonie (that's me), with George and Boss Didi. Notice that George is holding the picture of his elder brother Erick, who is at Saudi, working as a nurse. The gift that Fr. Nonie and Boss Didi are holding is actually for Erick!

Of course, the kids! Minus CJ and Vince! Vince of course is at Virginia with her mom Cora. CJ was out of the picture this time around. But he was there. At one instance, he even cried!

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