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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goodbye, Celine!

This is Celine Aguila, the niece of "Chairman" Fe Aguila, of Bayanan, San Pascual. When I was assigned as parish priest of Bayanan, Celine was then a little pre-schooler who'd promptly answer the question "who's your crush?", with a straight "Si Fr. Nonie!" From then on, I always call her "Celine, my love!"

Now a fourth year high schooler at St. Bridget College, she would fly to USA to join her mother, who married an American in Oklahoma. We missed our usual lunch with the Aguilas during Christmas in favor of the despedida in her honor on January 1. Inay, Ermie, Boss Didi, Mayet, Lonlon, George and I hied off to Bayanan. I gave her a rosary, which I personally made, as a gift. Mayet has her own gift.

We wish Celine the best as she leaves Bayanan, where she grew up under her aunties and uncles, and of course her Lola. Knowing her as a good, intelligent and obedient child and teener, I believe that she'd be successful over at the States.

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