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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our Traditional Exchange Gift-Giving

This is where the our family's traditional exchange gift-giving is done for many, many years. We put all our gifts there during the Yuletide season. The date varies depending on the availability of Fr. Lou and myself. Before there were songs and poems by the kids. Then they'd be given cash gifts by Tita Mayet, Fr. Lou or myself. But since the kids are grown-ups already, there were less singing and no more poetry. Inay is asked to say something before hand. Usually, I am also asked to say something. This year however, we less gifts as I have given the kids cash beforehand so that they could buy what they needed and wanted.

Of course, we had our supper before the exchange gift. The youngest in the family, Christian Jacob, was asked to lead the prayers before meals. Tita Ermie, Mayet and Cena were the "waitresses" to us. We had toasts. George and Lonlon had their familiar antics . . . look at their apparel.

Ate Coring would always act as mistress of the ceremonies. She would read the name of the giver and the receiver of the gifts. This year's visitors included Ate Bensing, Ate Behing, Joy and her boyfriend, and Kuya Ben's daughter, whose name escaped my memory. The ceremonies included many photo ops. Fr. Lou would always see to it that he be included in every picture taking. Later, after the gift-giving is over, all were asked to open their gifts.

It is only then that those who would go home would start to leave.

This year, we missed Erick, who's at Saudi working as a nurse! Danny missed the gift-giving as he opted to be with his friends outside the house, where we did not know. El is in Dubai. However, they were with us in spirit -- plus the gifts allotted to them. In fact, even Honey, Erick's pet dog, got a gift from Ate Coring. Curiously, she wrote: "Dear Honey, happy new year! Sana, magbait ka sa akin!" This dog always barks at her every time she comes! Honey's gift from Ate? A piece of dog soap!

I will publish more pictures in another post.

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