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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MOre on Christmas Merry Making

This is El's family: Cena, his wife, and Camille Joy, his daughter, and Christian Jacob or simply CJ, his son. Camille stayed the longest in the house during this christmas break -- as she usually does during breaks from school. Cena and CJ stayed till the morning of the 27th.

This is also a longer time for Boss Didi to stay at San Roque. Here is a picture taken of the Ocampo couple -- Didi and Mayet -- at night when we had videoke to our hearts' delight. I hope the neighbors were understanding of our merry-making.

Who'd stop George and Lonlon from their "kabaklaan". They'd do anything to provide entertainment. Of course, Inay sometimes is not amused but she would also join the laughter and the sometimes would even give her funny anecdotes.

Fr. Lou, Mayet and Ate Coring join the kids in this picture. Ermie is usually the "Martha", together with Cena, in the kitchen. Of course, Kuya Leo, Didi and Danny would engage in "mens' talk" and sip a little spirit!

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